Cornelis and amy 2

Amy Selwyn (centre) and Cornelis Jacobs chat with participants at Menell Media Exchange 2015 (Photo: Dianne Hawker)

How do brands build trust in this era of digital content, social media, and media disruption?

That was the topic tackled by Storytegic co-founders Cornelis Jacobs and Amy Selwyn at their MMX15 workshop Friday afternoon.

They delved into explaining how brands trust starts at home and how experience with brands build loyalty. According to Jacobs, building a news brand takes years of work. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Jacobs and Selwyn gave three examples of how smart news agencies are successfully building their brand.

Firstly, they have a comprehensive and realistic social media policy. Secondly, when they make mistakes they take responsibility and address it head on. Lastly, they live the brand, meaning that they embody the values of the organisation.

The overall takeaway was that brand trust is more than interactions with that brand. It’s the feeling you get when you see their logo.

-Nombulelo Manyana, MMX15 Student Newsroom