Maybe you’re familiar with this problem: you have a great idea but don’t know how to go about manifesting it into something feasible and worth being proud of. Start ups allow you to develop your idea into something you can build, and you do not need a huge financial budget to go about it.

That was the message from Max Kaizen of Treeshake at her workshop Friday on how to think like a start up. She explored methods one could employ while trying to build this model and urged those interested to step out of their journalism suits and think like scientists.

She proposed the following five short tips to help keep track of your growth process while attempting to build your idea.

1. Employ the scientific method — Think like an anthropologist. This means start observing the space around you and where you could maximise your idea.

2. Experiment — develop your idea into something feasible. I.e. a prototype.

3. Test — get physically involved with your potential consumer in order to sell them your ambition about the idea.

4. Feedback plus measure — define what your model looks like and see how people are responding to your idea.

5. Validate — this involves tweaking your prototype to make it better for consumption by larger audiences.

Kaizen further advised on the importance of keeping score about your progress. Every day your team should go through what they did the day before, she said, and then assess what you are going to do that day. If necessary, have conversations about what you’re stuck.

Sihle Mtshiselwa, MMX15 Student Newsroom