According to Andrew Phelps, co-author of the New York Times Innovation Report, these are some ways you and your news organisation can make your journalism more relevant and engaging:

  1. Repackage old stories. Give the stories some new colour and perhaps new framing, then go ahead and reuse them. As long as the audience will still find the content relevant, you might as well.
  2. Leverage influences. Get influential people to help you to share your stories. By doing this they will help you to get your stories out to the audiences.
  3. Embrace email. Even in this age of texting and social media, email is still a great way to communicate directly to people.
  4. Ask for feedback. Ask your audience to give you feedback. Out of the feedback you can learn more about what the audience likes and dislikes.
  5. Organise evergreen stories. Make sure that your stories are arranged in the order of relevance and not by dates. If they are organised by dates, you risk important but not necessarily timely stories getting “lost” and not read.
  6. Promote one story a day. Make use of a story and see how far you could go with it. Put it on different platforms and see where it goes. If it doesn’t work try again.
  7. Encourage and reward experimentation. Try new ways of writing and packaging stories and reward your staff for thinking outside the box — even when it doesn’t work.
  8. Kill average ideas. Don’t get used to average ideas. It will only make you average. Think of new, creative ideas and run with them.

-Pieter Roos, MMX15 Student Newsroom