About the Menell Media Exchange (MMX):

Our mission is to create and support a sustainable and robust media community in South Africa and beyond, through programs, fellowships and conferences.

Annual event:

The annual conference, held mid-year in Johannesburg, provides an opportunity for interaction and exchange among South Africa’s media houses, non-profits, community and independent journalists, bloggers, tech developers, scholars and students. We aim to present tools and resources that offer practical ways for journalists to improve their work, create programming to build and support the media community, foster networking, collaboration and mentor relationships, and advocate for press freedoms to enrich and empower the practice of journalism in South Africa.

Auxiliary Programming

We will continue adding programming to engage the community and build capacity throughout the year.  The Student Newsroom Project and the Mentor Match Up are already underway. We welcome ideas and proposals for other collaborative projects. 


The Menell Media Exchange is made possible through the generous support of Mary Menell Zients and Jeff Zients, and is a project of Duke University.

To support our efforts or join our team, please contact: bley@duke.edu