Journalism education is about more than being in the classroom. The Duke MMX Student Newsroom provides an opportunity for students to develop and practice journalism skills in a real-world setting, work closely with and learn from experienced journalists in the field as well as peers and educators from other schools, and grapple with some of the most important and timely issues in media today.

Student Newsroom Fellows participate in a special skills training boot camp, and other programming leading up to and following the event. The MMX Student Newsroom operates during the event as a hands-on multi-media newsroom where, with mentorship and guidance from journalism educators and working journalists, Student Fellows create content about the conference which will become part of their professional portfolios.

The MMX Student Newsroom now includes students from seven universities, with more professional mentors and faculty from partner universities, more programming and more content produced.

Mathama Bility

Duke Student, MMX17

Being in the Student Newsroom for the 2017 Menell Media Conference was electric. Working with professional and student journalists, I experienced what true journalism looks and feels like. As a documentary filmmaker, it was fascinating to work in a field similar and yet different from my own. Typically producing projects over several weeks or months, it was a rush to create visual and written content in hours if not minutes. It was thrilling to see my collaborators rapidly craft compelling stories while still maintaining a sharp attention to detail and ethics.

    The MMX16 Student Newsroom with Mike Schoenfeld from Duke University

    I was surprised to see just how engaged the journalism students were. It bodes well for the industry.”