In addition to the annual conference, MMX programming includes special projects and pop-up events throughout the year, in many locations, and on a variety of topics that provide ongoing opportunities for meaningful exchange.

Mike Schoenfeld and Laurie Bley

Given the challenges facing media houses, from diminishing budgets, increased workflow on more platforms in a 24 hour news cycle, retrenchment, and juniorization of the newsroom to name a few, we recognize how important it is to provide real training to bolster media coverage of important topics that require a depth of understanding in order to accurately convey the complexities of the issues.

Designed to provide media leaders and journalists a broad overview and deep background as well as keen insights into current research and practice in order to encourage informed, insightful and nuanced reporting on complicated issues, MMeXtras are smaller pop-up events, that take place throughout the year, in various locations, either in conjunction with other media events, or as separate workshops, seminar series, intensives or fellowships.

Bringing to bear Duke University intellectual resources and international networks, we partner with local government, non-profit and business leaders to engage with journalists and newsroom leaders to broaden public discourse in various fields. We have identified a few sectors that can benefit from such an effort, including:

  • Business and Economics,
  • Science and Health
  • Data, Technology, and Innovation
  • Documentary and Community Engagement
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Law, Politics and Policy