Official Twitter Help

twXplorer: excellent breaking news tool that is useful to find out what hashtags people are using

Twitter advanced search

Twitter search tips: short cuts for searching Twitter

Twitter list scraper

Twitter lists search tool excellent verification resource with extensive info on a user’s Twitter account

Who tweeted that first? Find the original tweeter and get back to the original source

How to use some of Twitters newest features

Setting up and using Twitter lists

Twitter Setting Twitter shortcuts to speed up social media newsgathering
Everything you need to know about Twitter’s 140 character update

Using Twitter lists to get to the heart of a story


Storyful Multisearch Chrome-only browser extent that allows you to search several social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr

Google Advanced search

Searching Facebook: shortcuts for searching Facebook:

Find out when a web page was first posted on the Internet and cached versions of web pages

Find cached web pages in Google Search results


How to create a Google alert

WolframAlpha Excellent search engine for answering questions: How far? How deep? What was the first? What was the weather on a given day?

DuckDuckGo Go: Search engine that doesn’t track you


Verification Handbook online resource

TinEye Finds where else a photo has been used and allows you to check whether the one you have has been altered or manipulated. Also helps find newest, oldest, most changed versions of a photo you’re want to check on

RevEye Reverse Image Search: Browser extension that searches multiple search engines and TinEye, either one at a time or all at once (available for Chrome and Firefox) Search for it in the Chrome or Firefox app store and download)

Is it edited? Easy to use tool that will tell you whether a photo has been edited or manipulated

Google reverse image search Useful for verification of pictures to find where else a photograph has been used – and, importantly, when it was used

RevEye (available as a Chrome, Firefox, Android and iPhone download) find it in the relevant app shop

Google Advanced Image search To search for photos

FirstDraftNews guide for verifying photos (download and print out and stick it on your wall)

FirstDraftNews guide for verifying videos (download and print out and stick it on your wall)

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer to check Meta data in a photo, including when it was taken:

Forensically Advanced tool for checking whether a picture has been faked, its metadata, where it was taken (if it is geo-tagged) and lots more

YouTube Data Viewer Insert the URL of a YouTube video and this tool will give you details of the video, including when it was uploaded. (Be aware that the upload date is not the same as the creation data of the video) The tool will also take screen grabs from the video and allow you to do a Google reverse search to find other iterations and earlier posts of the same video if they exist

Video Vault: Use this tool to preserve videos, take screengrabs to do a reverse search, slow down and speed up video and more to simplify the verification process

InVID Verification Plug-in: A powerful video and photo verification tool with basic and advanced functions. Read how to use it Scroll down to “Release versions” to download for Chrome, Firefox or Mac OS


FirstDraftNews: A coalition of media organisations where verification is at their core. The site is a treasure trove of essential newsgathering and verification resources for journalists. (Make sure you sign up for the excellent newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up)

The Internet is awash with fakes, hoaxes and urban legends that spread like wildfire. These are a few go-to site to visit before tweeting or sharing rubbish – and throwing your name away in the process

Sites that debunk fakes and hoaxes



Hoax Slayer


FirstDraftNews A coalition of news organisation involved with verification. The site is a veritable treasure trove of free verification resources, tutorials and training material

Hoax of fame



IP Address and Domain Information – Chrome browser extension


South Africa


Phonebooks worldwide Search by country for local phone books

Search for them in the Firefox or Chrome app store and save to your browser bookmarks bar. Some will then be available on your mouse right click

Scraper: easy-to-use tool to get data out of web pages and into spreadsheets (only available for Chrome)

See similar Google pages

Google Translate

Klout While a low Klout score may not have a negative connotation, a high Klout score does indicate that the user has been around a while and is active on social media

SCREEN GRAB TOOLS (Chrome and many also available for Firefox in the relevant app shop)

Full Page Screen Capture

Nimbus Screen shot (can also annotate a screen grab)

Spam protector

10 Minute Mail Get a temporary email to protects you from spam when signing on to a dodgy site or if you don’t want to leave tracks

Advanced tools for investigative journalists

Investigative Dashboard
find researchers and expert sources to help you, search databases and for visual networks of influence



Data Journalism Handbook – free PDF download

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